A Few of my Favorite things

As we draw 2019 to a close I thought I would let you guys know about my favorite dog related finds, businesses and products this year. I love dog stuff my major vices being leather leashes and cute dog beds. Seriously I can't stop. Over the course of this year I have come across some fantastic products and companies that have made their way into my essentials list. So from grooming to the dog owner lifestyle there should be something for everyone.


Paw brothers makes some amazing undercoat management tools. The 26 tooth carding tool/undercoat rake is one of my favorite grooming tools I bought this year. It manages my cavaliers coats so well by getting that undercoat out without hurting them. I have found that it handles just about any coat type well, is great for older dogs whose undercoats may tend to pack on a bit more than they used to and it doesn't seem to cause any skin irritation.

Here is a link to this tool via Ryan's pet supplies


All the igroom products!

This company was introduced to me via the Northwest Grooming Show in Tacoma this last March as well as some competition groomers I follow on facebook. My two most favorite products in the igroom line are the Pro-Keratin Leave in conditioner and the face wash. The conditioner is legit magical, smells amazing and is giving my Cavalier's coats the control and drop that I want considering that my two older dogs have really annoying spay/neuter coat. The face wash is gentle for those doggie facials. I have seen no eye irritation at all. It also has a very pleasing scent which lingers a bit but is pleasant and not overpowering. I am excited to see what the rest of the line is like!



Total K9 Connection

When I decided to try the igroom line I found I could get it through a local-ish grooming products distributer in Eagle, ID. Heather with Total K9 Connection is running an amazing and thoughtful business. I ordered product from her and honest to goodness it was the most efficient order I have ever placed and she offers some of the best customer service I have seen to date. There was a little package of candies in my box y'all. She packages everything up so nicely I was I don't think anything could leak if it wanted to. I also love her booth at dog shows its all beautifully presented and organized. She also carries another product I love and have loved for at least 13 years, so not a new to me in 2019 product but that would be Mink sheen shampoo. It's been a favorite of mine for yearrrrrrrs. This will be a go to business for me from now on. I'll link to her website below so you all can get your grooming product for your pets from her, because who else is going to put m&ms with your order? That's right no one! She also carries more than grooming supplies so check it out in the link below!

Total K9 Connection


Northwest Naturals Raw dog food

Anyone that knows me probably knows that my dogs don't eat kibble. We feed a species appropriate raw diet most of which is home made by me because I have 7 dogs.....(((7))) but I often forget to defrost food or need to do a different protein source so my go to has been Columbia River Naturals. I get the nuggets which defrost a heck ton of a lot faster than the seven pound solid slabs I make my self. Perfect for those days when oooops I forgot to defrost! My friend Debbie carries this as well as Answers and Small batch at her salon, Best of Breed Salon and Pawtique in downtown La Grande. It has been so great and so needed to have access to pre-made raw diets here!

Here's a link to this company


Dr. Judy Morgan

I love her blog and facebook videos. If you want to start making your dog's food or learning more about nutrition in general, you should for sure follow her and order her books! She has a ton of great information that will help you get out of the box when it comes to the care and feeding of your pets! My favorite videos she has done are where she goes into the grocery store and picks apart dog food labels and contrast prices per pound of dog food vs. real food.

Click here to check out Dr. Morgan's website


Biothane Leashes

Biothane is a cool product I have discovered this year. I bought a grooming loop made out of it in March and its cool! Water does not soak into this material, mud and stickers do not stick to it and it has a very pliable, soft texture to it. The leashes are great for training as they have a similar weight and feel to a leather leash. I just learned of a company that makes these called Palomine which will customize your leash or line for you. I know I will be adding a few of these to my collection soon!

Click here to check out this company


That is my list of favorite products, and businesses for this year I hope you find what you needed in this list to keep your dogs happy and healthy in 2020! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the crew here!

Krista, Khyber, Rush, Sybbyl, Koa, Clementine, Al and Clover