Starting 2020 Off With Information

New year new goals! Many of us have our typical goals coming into the new year. Going to the gym more, spending less time attached to our phones, travel somewhere new etc. For me some of those goals apply but I am also making a list for my dog related goals. One of which is to find new ways of taking in information so I wanted to share some of my favorite books, podcasts and other informational publications pertaining to dogs, health, nutrition and training for those of you interested in diving in and learning more about various aspects of having dogs and being the best dog owner you can.

These two books by Dr. Judy Morgan have been on my amazon wishlist for an obscene period of time, so I am going to give myself the gift of knowledge and order them for myself for Christmas. They are "Yin and Yang Nutrition for Dogs: Maximizing Health with Whole Foods" and "From Needles to Natural: Learning Holistic Pet Healing. If you read my post, A Few of my Favorite Things, you know that I love Dr. Judy's videos, blog posts and products. I have learned so much from her already so having her Flagship books in my library will be money well spent!


Anyone that knows me even a little bit knows that a couple of years ago I took the plunge into feeding all of our dogs a Raw, species appropriate diet. I have been studying canine nutrition for about 20 years as a kind of hobby. The more I learn about dogs, nutrition in general and the pet food industry the more raw makes absolute sense to me. Kibble is not a part of my dogs lives anymore at all. I found a new (to me) podcast about raw feeding called The Raw Dog Food Truth, hosted by DeDe Mercer-Moffat and guested by Dr. Judy Jasek a holistic veterinarian and cancer specialist. The pod cast covers many subjects from Mast Cell tumors, to fish oil, diarrhea (#yay) , salmonella etc. There is so much great info on this show I have been binging it since I discovered it in November. Pod casts are probably my current favorite learning medium because I can listen while I am working or doing chores. This fills my soul with joy because sitting still isn't my strength. If you are interested in learning more about canine nutrition this is a great resource to start with and it's FREEEEEEE!


Is anyone still subscribing to magazines? I still get excited about a new magazine. I used to get the AKC Gazette which I loved and still have a giant plastic tub of them in my attic. I may need them someday.....not in the last 6 years but someday. The most useful subscription I have ever had has to be to the Whole Dog Journal I still have binders and binders of them. It's a one stop shop for dog info. They always have great articles on training from the best in the industry, really useful nutrition info and life with dogs articles that anyone can use. Years ago when I got their monthly publication I remember finding an article for every random issue I had been presented with by a client every time it showed up in the mail. It was like they were listening in on my consultations and writing a publication just for me! I share their articles often on my facebook page and love that they have free articles on their website for anyone to read as well.


There are so many more great resources for great information on training, health, dog ownership and nutrition out

there but these are some of the ones I find the most useful not only as a dog trainer, but as a pet owner and I think

there are hugely valuable resources for you the pet owner they are designed for anyone to understand and continue learning more about being the best pet owner you can be. I will be sure to share more resources I love in future posts!